Thank you for supporting Fired Up! Our 1st fundraiser was a huge succcess!

Fired Up! outside members get fired up at our very first fundraiser!

Our first fundraiser on May 5th was by all measures successful, truly inspiring, encouraging, and only the beginning!

We are so grateful to announce that we raised a total of $2,785, all of which will go towards re-entry support for our members, operational costs of meetings and organizing, and our continuing efforts to expand and strengthen our community in and outside the county jail.

We are deeply appreciative of all those who threw themselves into the fire. Welcome to the family! We will be posting photographs from the event shortly. You look really good.

We will also be posting our individual reflections of the event, of how we were moved and how we are propelled by the shared stories of strength and struggle and the gathering of kind and willing hearts.

In keeping with the collaborative and cooperative culture we envision, we want to build this site, with as many voices expressed as possible. We are not we without YOU. If you attended the event, please feel free to post your reflections of the evening; we would love to know what you thought and what you think of still. Your posts will also help convey and connect the vibrance and beauty of the evening to our members inside. Please email your reflections to

This group and this work mean a great deal to all of us, inside and outside of the jail; we feel very fortunate and heartened to have shared time, visions and stories with our amazing fundraiser guests. Thank you!



Fired Up! is a grassroots network of people who have been or are currently, behind the walls of SF County Jail building community with others who are committed to breaking down the barriers those walls produce. In September 2011, two former prisoner members of California Coalition for Women Prisoners began a weekly "Personal Empowerment" group for women and male-identified people at SF County Jail. Six months later, nearly a dozen people go inside weekly and several members, who have been released, are part of our collective as it takes shape on the outside. There are members in the jail who have attended Fired Up! meetings every week since it began. Together, we seek to build a vision of community rooted in principles of healing, self-determination, and social justice movement building.
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