Alisha Coleman featured on Making Contact National Radio Project

Fired Up! member, Alisha Coleman was featured on the Making Contact National Radio Project show “Prison Crisis: Local Solution?” This show, originally aired on June 26, 2012, was produced by George Lavender and discusses the issue of realignment in California and specifically, the San Francisco County Jail and San Mateo County Jail.

Realignment is a policy aimed at reducing the numbers of people sent into state custody and instead redirects them to county jails to serve their sentences. Alisha calls in from county jail and shares her first hand experience with realignment and its impact on local jails and the livelihood of those inside.

Listen to it here: Prison Crisis: Local Solution?



Fired Up! is a grassroots network of people who have been or are currently, behind the walls of SF County Jail building community with others who are committed to breaking down the barriers those walls produce. In September 2011, two former prisoner members of California Coalition for Women Prisoners began a weekly "Personal Empowerment" group for women and male-identified people at SF County Jail. Six months later, nearly a dozen people go inside weekly and several members, who have been released, are part of our collective as it takes shape on the outside. There are members in the jail who have attended Fired Up! meetings every week since it began. Together, we seek to build a vision of community rooted in principles of healing, self-determination, and social justice movement building.
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